I cant call Sara Sampaio exotic

I usually post about exotic beauties, but i like Sara because she often looks natural. She is from Portugal. I expected girls from Portugal to be latinas, but i dont think Sara is a latina. I am not sure about her eye colour.


alibaba borat brexit gypsy Dua Lipa won a brits award

It was not for one of her songs. It was because she was singing a Calvin Harris song. I have not seen any reports of Calvin Harris complaining about that. Maybe she is always singing others songs.


alibaba borat brexit singer Dua Lipa won two grammys

Dua deserves all the awards she get. I dont think she will ever again record a great song like “Be the one”. It is downhill for Dua now. She can still do some good songs.


It is getting warmer in Sweden

This is great news. It is too cold in Sweden. Sweden needs more than 1.5C, but is a good start.


In Sweden, temperatures are rising even faster than the average. Since 1860, the temperature in Sweden has increased by 1.5C, while the global average increase is roughly 1 degree. 
“We clearly see a trend that it is getting warmer in Sweden, and this is most noticeable during the winter,” Gustav Strandberg, a climate scientist at the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI), said. 

Getting rid of passwords

For the last twenty years it has been the last year for passwords. I have seen many stories on Slashdot. Lately i have been getting tired of typing passwords all the time for computers in my home lab. I bought a fingerprint reader and a FIDO2 security key. The fingerprint reader was good for logging in to Windows. I only have to put my finger on the reader and i get logged in. I cant get it to work with any website. I got the security key to work with Google account. It is more 2FA than no password. I created a Windows domain for my computers, but i have lots of trouble getting the Linux computers to accept domain users. Some computers are good. Getting Linux to accept users from the domain is easy. The hard part is to get them to accept users without asking for a password. I want Single Sign On. We will always use passwords. They are actually great.