He dont look British to me

I am sure he would like to bomb the infidels in Britain.


Man with strong northern English accent waves UK passport and says army is refusing to let him into Kabul airport – as video shows ‘two young children left behind after parents were let in’ without them

Daily mail

Do you have to be stupid be a conservative? No, but it helps.

‘In 1970,’ observes Edmund Fawcett in his recent survey of political conservatism, ‘the best predictor of high conservative alignment in voting was a college education.’ ‘Now,’ he notes, ‘it is the reverse.’ Many other statistics sing this tune of political realignment.


Stupid baggers. 😄 Conspiracy theories and unconstitutional laws are popular with republicans now.


Now the Talibans will take care of the traitors who helped the infidels

Fearful Afghans hand red and white roses to Taliban fighters – symbolizing friendship and forgiveness – while those who helped UK and American forces hide in their homes awaiting the dreaded ‘knock on the door’

Daily mail

They worked with great Satan.


I dont want any Afghan refugees here, but i could make an exception for this slut

Afghanistan’s biggest female pop star has escaped on a US flight out of Kabul as fears grow for women in the country after the Taliban’s vow to impose strict Sharia law.

Daily mail

She could live with me. She looks like Kim Kardashian in this pic.