Miss Universe contest now includes fatties, faggots and burkini

Miss Nicaragua wins Miss Universe 2023 at pageant full of firsts including two trans contestants, a plus-sized model and a burkini in the swimsuit round

Daily mail

Nicaragua should be able to find a prettier girl. She looks old.


Chink company Tencent demanded no niggers and bigger tits in movies and games

Tencent Denies Claim From Alanah Pearce That They Demand “No Black People” And Want Bigger Breasts On Female Characters In Films And Games

Who can blame them. They want people to like their movies and games.


Elon Musk on the receiving end of free speech

Oh, Elon. Following on yesterday’s nonsense in banning the ElonJet account that robotically posted the public information regarding Elon’s private plane flights, and then trying to justify it later (after initially promising to keep the account alive to demonstrate his “commitment to free speech”), it appears that Elon’s commitment to free speech continues to dwindle.


Elon Musk is now learning that free speech is for shitheads. You have to stop the shitheads from ruining things.