It would be nice if Kendall Jenner could stop her coal burning

After quietly splitting with 26-year-old NBA player Devin Booker last month, the supermodel has been keeping busy with her many business ventures and family and friends.

Most recently, The Kardashians reality star, 27, has reportedly been talking to ex-boyfriend Harry Styles, 28, again as the two are coping with their separate breakups.

Daily mail

Maybe Harry Styles is not the best one.

The Albanian monkeys are proud over the greatest singer Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa has been granted Albanian citizenship for her role in spreading Albanians’ fame internationally through her music. The singer, 26, was born in London to Kosovar-Albanian parents who fled conflict and political instability in the Balkans.

Daily mail

Any country would be proud to be connected to Dua Lipa. Duas hair looks great. I wonder if the girls in Albania have hair like that.

Why dont i get to have fun like Sam Bankman-Fried had

I am always going to be poor. 😟

Led by disgraced CEO and co-founder Sam Bankman-Fried, a 30-year-old Californian known as SBF, the group pulled all-nighters while high on amphetamines at their retreat — which boasted six bedrooms, two elevators, manicured grounds, a golf course and a boat basin packed with super yachts.

He should have gotten a prettier girlfriend.