What i think of Dua Lipas latest album

You cant avoid noticing that Dua have a new album. Everybody writes about how good it is. I was worried that Dua would do something stupid and do something else than dance music. It turned out that she would do even more dance than before. She will never do anything as good as her early song “Be the one”. There are some questionable lyrics on some songs. One song is even called “Good in bed”. frown Many songs on the album are good. When i listened to some songs in headphones i noticed something bad. The music is only a background for Duas singing. Most instruments and drums sounds the same on all songs. Depeche mode , Kraftwerk and Cabaret voltaire would never do something like that. For them every song needs new sounds. Maybe there will be some remixes that will better than the album versions.

This is a great song.

Alibaba borat brexit gypsy thief Dua Lipa is doing very well

Dua Lipa is enjoying the best week of her career in the U.K., as she owns not only the No. 1 spot on the albums chart with her sophomore release Future Nostalgia (which rises from the runner-up rung to the top in its second frame on the tally, a rarely-seen surge) but also a trio of positions inside the top 10 on the songs ranking. This frame, her three most recent singles “Physical,” “Don’t Start Now” and “Break My Heart” find homes at Nos. 4, 5 and 7, respectively.

I wish my internet enemies are seeing all the news about Dua Lipa now. Dua looks swarthy in the pic. I can see that it is an old pic.


Singer Charli XCX is not the prettiest girl, but here is a nice pic of her

And Charli XCX, 27, put on a sizzling display on Instagram on Sunday as she posted a bikini-clad snap and a slew of photos for her next single’s artwork.

She have put on some nice long black hair.


Beaner Becky Gomez have hair in front of one eye

I like that. She have put on some nice long coal black shiny hair.

Kendall Jenners father gets an award for being very sick

Once safely back inside Jenner’s $3.5M 11-acre four-bedroom Malibu hilltop home, Caitlyn glammed up to remotely accept a trophy for ‘LGBTQ+ Supporter of the Year’ from UK-based fashion retailer, PrettyLittleThing.

Poor Kendall. This must be horrible for her. 😟