I generated some nice images with Stable diffusion

The problem i have now is that it is always the same girl in every image i generate with each prompt. There is only a small difference between the latina and mexican. The armenian looks different, but it is always the same girl when i use armenian.

Prompt was latina

Prompt was mexican woman

Prompt was armenian woman

Dua Lipa thought Santa was a pervert

‘I used to be terrified of Santa,’ Lipa said. ‘I just didn’t get it. I was like, “This man with a beard, and he wants me to hold a bell and sit on his lap?” I’m like, ‘I don’t want to sit on [his lap]. This is weird!”‘ She additionally quipped, ‘I think this was when I discovered feminism.’

Dua is a Mohammedan so maybe she dont understand how this Santa thing works.


I am sure the Mohammedans had some fun with her

Moment Israeli girl, five, who was kidnapped by Hamas and held hostage in Gaza for weeks is mobbed by adoring classmates on first day back at school following her release

Daily mail

Looks like she has been in a fight.