Singer Bebe Rexha knows she is a fatty

But back on December 27, the Die For a Man singer tearfully confessed that she was the ‘heaviest I have ever been’ and felt ‘disgusting in my own body’


That is a good start. Once they are fat they seldom gets thin.

I hope Kanye dont go OJ on Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s sisters UNFOLLOW Kanye West on Instagram… after he shared private texts from the reality star and ranted about her beau Pete Davidson


Kanye have to give up. Is he going crazy again.

Dua Lipa have been down on her knees lately

My internet enemies says that it is because she is a whore. I tell them not to use the whore word.

The performer also shared a shot of her scraped-up knees, and she received the injuries while embarking on her ongoing Future Nostalgia Tour