Pretty kikess singer Madison Beer released her first album

Her highly anticipated debut album Life Support premiered on streaming platforms Friday, to the delight of her patient fanbase.

Daily mail

It is not going to sell. It will not be popular. I dont know why Daily mail writes this. Madison is far from Dua Lipa. I dont know if i should feel sorry for her.

Kikess singer Madison Beer is also crazy

And the star told to that the album – which she wrote and sang on – covers her struggle with mental health – specifically anxiety – while she touches on prescription drugs and delves into past toxic relationships.

Daily mail

It is the same with all my favourite singers. Some have been suicidal, but they are very bad at actually kill themselves.

Sheboon Heather Small is one of the best singers

Heather Small reveals she was KICKED by a male teacher when she was just 9 as she recalls how she first became aware of racism

Daily mail

She was not the prettiest singer. Always bad hair. I dont want hear more about racism.