Key bitcoin developer lost all his shitcoins

On New Year’s Day, Dashjr took to Twitter to report that his entire bitcoin holdings—worth roughly $3.6 million—were “basically all gone.” He said the hack stemmed from the compromise of a PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) key that he used to ensure that his downloads of Bitcoin Core and a smaller app known as Bitcoin Knots weren’t laced with malware.

Ars technica

😀That is how self custody always ends. Sooner or later they lose their shitcoins. It looked funny that he wanted help from FBI. I wish they laugh at him. I thought FBI was the enemy for these guys.

It looks bad for Maduros shitcoin Petro

Why would anybody want to buy the shitcoin. It is only made for getting hard currency from people and doing money laundering. The backed by oil is not true if you look closer at it. Maduro have bigger problems now. I wish they put him in jail.