Singer Ava Max is more albanian than i expected

My parents and my brother were all born in Albania. My brother left when he was around seven and then they stayed in France for a year when they escaped Albania at the time because it was communist. So when they stayed in France for the year, it was funny, my brother started speaking French and I was almost born in France, so I could have been a French baby. And that would have been cool, could have been eating croissants since birth. But my dad wanted to come here. So I was born in Wisconsin. They only knew Albanian when I was born, so I only knew Albanian. So when I went to kindergarten, I didn’t know English. Maybe just hi and bye. And then I had an ESL teacher up until like eighth grade.

I knew she have an Albanian name, but not that she could speak albanian. She is as much Albanian as Dua Lipa.

The limey faggots now need a reasonable excuse for travelling outside Britain

Maybe it will spread to other countries.

Foreign holidays will be ILLEGAL from Monday: New Covid laws mean £5,000 fines for anyone leaving the UK without ‘reasonable excuse’ – and restrictions could last for some holiday hot-spots all summer

Daily mail

How did they dare to give Dua Lipa only one grammy

Grammy Awards 2021: Dua Lipa strips down to sparkly pink lingerie after making TWO outfit changes during her racy performance… before winning Best Pop Vocal Album

Daily mail

Dua Lipa deserved more than one award.

Harvey is going to beat the shit out of Katie

Just wait for it.

‘People are horrible to me’: Katie Price shares a moving post of son Harvey appealing for fans to sign her petition to stop online bullying after he was a victim of horrific abuse