They dont give up with the Reiser filesystem

The former Namesys developer that previously worked alongside Hans Reiser also announced work on speed-ups of atomic updates in user space, work-in-progress speeding up of all synchronous modifications, meta-data migration, and related work.

I dont understand why anybody would like to use the Reiser filesystem. Even btrfs looks better.

In Europe you cant tell the truth about kikes and niggers

France’s lower chamber of the parliament has voted in favor of a controversial law against hate speech on social networks and online platforms. As I described last year, online platforms will have to remove within 24 hours illicit content that has been flagged. Otherwise, companies will have to pay hefty fines every time they infringe the law.

Germany has already passed similar regulation and there are ongoing discussions at the European Union level.

I will be in the trouble when they see the head line of this post. 😟

The UK government is going to do more spying on the limey faggots

In a memorandum [PDF] first spotted by The Guardian, the British government is asking that five more public authorities be added to the list of bodies that can access data scooped up under the nation’s mass-surveillance laws: the Civil Nuclear Constabulary, the Environment Agency, the Insolvency Service, the UK National Authority for Counter Eavesdropping (UKNACE), and the Pensions Regulator.

The limey faggots have to be careful about which websites they visit. … er_sequel/

Facebook will do anything to do business in a country

Updated Facebook has given in to Vietnamese government demands, and agreed to remove any content considered ‘anti-state’ after telcos in the nation reportedly cut off access to the social network’s systems.

Jew Mark knew what he had to do. Every market is important.

What i think of Dua Lipas latest album

You cant avoid noticing that Dua have a new album. Everybody writes about how good it is. I was worried that Dua would do something stupid and do something else than dance music. It turned out that she would do even more dance than before. She will never do anything as good as her early song “Be the one”. There are some questionable lyrics on some songs. One song is even called “Good in bed”. Many songs on the album are good. When i listened to some songs in headphones i noticed something bad. The music is only a background for Duas singing. Most instruments and drums sounds the same on all songs. Depeche mode , Kraftwerk and Cabaret voltaire would never do something like that. For them every song needs new sounds. Maybe there will be some remixes that will better than the album versions.

This is a great song.