I wonder how beaner Selena Gomez contribute to the music

Good to see that she is doing something. Maybe she is only doing the lyrics. I am sure there singers who dont even do that. Camila Cabello said that when she was in Fifth harmony the girls only had to decide what part they should sing and sing it. Good that Camila wanted to do more.


The singer and actress, 27, wears a baggy striped shirt in the photos and is seen writing in a notebook as she works on new music

The Kardashian sluts are very religious. I am sure god is going to punish them.

God hates sluts like these. Bible verses cant compensate for slutty dresses and being greedy. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7411267/Kourtney-Kardashian-asks-church-pastors-parenting-tips.html

Kourtney Kardashian asks her church pastors for parenting tips as sister Kim says the whole family is ‘very religious’ and starts the day with Bible verses

Spic beaner singer Camila Cabello is still number 1 on UK top 40

It is a good song. I have not watched the video much because i dont want to see Shawn Mendes doing things with Camila. I want to see Camila dancing and throwing around her beautiful long black hair.