I was blacklisted at Facebook and Instagram

My accounts at Facebook and Instagram only lasts one year. After a while there is some problems with my account. I get told i have to contact support or i have to give them a phone number. I just create a new account. A week ago i deleted my cookies for Instagram because something was not working. After that i could not login. Some strange error message. First i read the Instagram help page. There was nothing about that error message. I search on google. I found some people who said that you get that error message if you create too many account from an IP address. After that you cant do anything with Instagram from that IP address. Before i started to write this i tried to login so i could get a picture of the strange error message. Then i could login. My account was now known to Instagram. I always have trouble with Facebook. I have not been able to login for a long time. I tried on my phone and that worked. I dont remember what i did but after that i can login to Facebook again on my desktop. It would be better if they did it like Twitter. I have a read only account for twitter that always works. I only want to look at Dua Lipa pictures on Instagram and read what idiots write on Facebook.

The stupid Halloween have started

I cant see any fun in it. Stupid dresses that makes the famous sluts look ugly. I got a message from a shop that said i could come to the shop a celebrate Halloween. I cant understand why anybody would want to do that. Nobody here cared about Halloween 20 years ago. Then the shops started to sell Halloween to people. Some idiots started to do stupid Halloween things. I have even heard about trick or treat. Let Americans keep their stupid Halloween for themselves.

Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens Halloween
Kylie Jenner Halloween

It is Kendall Jenner that is naturally pretty. Not Kylie.

‘I am naturally pretty’: Kylie Jenner jokes with her makeup artist Ariel that she is so good looking she does NOT need a ton of paint… even though she is often layered in color

Daily mail

It is not funny. Maybe big tits and lots of makeup can save Kylie.